Welcome to The MGP Group

Excellence is never an accident

Our client base is National, and so too our available insurance markets. MGP is in not one but two marketing associations. We recognise it is not possible to hold agencies with every insurer, so we are in honeycomb networks that allow us in and out of all the insurers in the UK. There is nothing that is not available to us and you if so required.

We do not just excel at insurance we excel at business and risk generally. Whether we manage your portfolio or simply professionally assess it for your peace of mind, you will always get sensible prices and sensible solutions.


Many brokers simply “copy and paste” commercial clients’ insurance without assessment of the risk exposures. MGP tailor make a portfolio according to balance sheet strengths.



Our experience

Established in 1974, we have an established reputation and plenty of weathered experience to help assist you.

Key Areas


Efficacy, Bio Trials, Worldwide Product Liability.


Tailored Schemes for Employers or Affiliations or Other Groups.


Comprehensive and affordable combined policies.

Travel Industry

Innovative Insurance Solutions for Organisers of all sizes.

Our specialisations

We look at the bigger picture and give more rounded advice after looking at:


Assessments of accounts and business plans for accurate Business Interruption cover.

Marketing Literature

Assessments of marketing literature for Product Liability risks and cover.

Customer Contracts

Assessments of your customer contracts for improved Product Liability, Transit and Business Interruption cover.

Supplier Contracts

Assessment of your supplier contracts for improved Product Liability, Transit and Business Interruption cover.

Tenancy Agreements

Assessment of your tenancy agreements for improved Public Liability and Business Interruption cover.

Logistical Contracts

Assessment of logistical contracts for improved protection and cheaper marine and/or transit/ and/or storage cover.

Development Contracts

Assessment of development contracts for improved Business Interruption cover on advanced turnover and profits.

Business Partnerships

Assessment of business partnerships for Directors and Officers exposure as well as Key Man Accident cover.