The MGP Group

MGP doesn’t target any particular area of business because we are capable of helping any type of business with an insurance requirement. Our clients come from the best source being referrals and recommendations. However we do have particular expertise in various areas of commerce notably travel & leisure, pharmaceuticals, property and the professional sectors.

MGP firmly believes that evaluating the make-up of your business and discussing perceptions of exposures is the correct procedure to assess acceptance and transfer of risk.

MGP helps evaluate these risks and identify what insurance is actually required. To evaluate the true exposure, MGP looks at the wider areas of your business including markets, logistics and suppliers to get the complete picture. Tenancy agreements are often overlooked or poorly negotiated from a risk management perspective.

To have full peace of mind about your business your insurance adviser also needs to be competent at business. Can your broker read a set of accounts and properly assist in the business interruption cover? Put it to the test because your business depends on it.

Maybe your business can accept more risk because it has a strong balance sheet. Premium savings go straight to the bottom line every year. Transferring less to the insurance companies also sends out the right signals to insurers about the confidence you place in your own management and keeps the market interested and your premium at the right level.

MGP can provide independent assessments purely as a second opinion. This means that we conduct our reviews and offer our suggestions with the intention of your existing broker being maintained but without going to the market :

  • Useful generally to get a second opinion
  • Can be arranged confidentially as the market is not involved
  • No pressure on you to change broker
  • MGP charge only on a one-time gain share basis so you pay -out of your premium savings

MGP can also provide in-house broker services whereby we conduct the marketing through your existing brokers.

They then report to us and then we report back to you highlighting the key areas.

All this takes away the pressure of chasing reports and interpreting the results. You have complete control over the choice of brokers at the outset or we can recommend suitable ones.

However the choice of who acts for you as a result, is left entirely at your discretion. Our fee can be fixed but we are motivated by one-time gain share so you pay out of your premium savings.

MGP Also Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
  • Ancillary General Business Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessments