Goods in Transit

The MGP Group

All Risks cover, including theft; loss or damage in transit regardless of blame or conditions of transit. Goods In Transit is designed to apply to goods carried within the British Isles exclusively or where the policyholder’s liability starts or finishes from unloading at a British port; as opposed to Cargo & Freight insurance which is designed to apply to consignments with an overseas risk element in the transit.

Annual cover can be arranged for goods inwards to or from the policyholder’s premises.

Warehouse to Warehouse or Stock Throughput with or without policyholder’s margins.

Please note that logistics companies should not be relied upon for full all risks cover as it usually more expensive and won’t include their customer’ margins.

Policies to suit controlled carriage including hazardous materials.

We can offer advice on your individual needs that best suit your business and your customers. Goods in Transit Insurance that is tailored to suit your needs be it for single manned van courier or 7.5 tonne vehicles, skip lorries, tippers or articulated vehicles.

These are the main and common factors that should be identified and addressed in the consideration of the type of policy, its value and payment period. Simply put, a BI policy should step in to protect cash flow, expenditure, and profits for as long as the business feels the affect of the interruption and not just when the assets have been reinstated.

MGP Also Provide:

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  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
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