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For any business involved in the travel holiday & leisure industry there are onerous and unavoidable responsibilities to protect clients and take care of clients misfortunes especially overseas.

Updated Directives and Legislation principally in The Package Travel Directive and the ATOL Regulations from July 2018 are widening not only the areas of responsibilities but also those who are caught by the provisions.

Therefore the law in this area is becoming extremely complex especially to a business that is finding itself caught in this area for the first time.

PALM provides simple but tailored solutions to help business clients not only protect their trading assets but also insolvency exposures for consumer protection. On top of that customer care services are available as outlined below:


Protection-Insurance and indemnity solutions for:

  • General Business Risks
  • Insolvency of Organisers and Suppliers of transport and accommodation
  • Professional Negligence and Organisers third party exposures


One number to ring if any problem or problems needs reporting. If need be appropriate services call the consumer back.This also helps the consumer in time and expense with minimal interruption as possible to the enjoyment of being away.


Business Legal Services

Legal Services to help consumers reclaim compensation from any or all relevant sources allied with indemnity schemes to provide further specialist recoveries or compensation.


General claims management services for consumers:

  • Airline Delays
  • ATOL Claims
  • Travel Insurance Claims