Product Recall

The MGP Group

Contaminated Products Insurance

Is for manufacturers, retailers & distributors of topical or ingestible products: food, drinks, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals & tobacco


Wide protection

Your cover can meet recall & rehabilition costs, as well as lost gross profits. We also cover malicious tampering; whether it’s real or simply threatened.



Events move quickly in a crisis, so our clients enjoy the benefits of profession pre-incident planning when it’s most valuable – before a recall threatens.


Defective Products Insurance

Is for manufacturers, retailers and distributors of finished consumer products including: toy, sport, tools, DIY, furniture, building equipment, household appliances & packing.


Brand Protection

Media and public attention can often focus on unsubstantiated stories and speculation. Professional public relations and communications input will assist in managing this & protect the brand, reinforcing reliability and trustworthiness.


Recovery Assistance

Financial compensation & support for getting your business back on track, like extra staff, impact of lower sales and increased marketing costs.

MGP Also Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
  • Ancillary General Business Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessments