Risk Management

The MGP Group

Insurance Portfolios are less meaningful unless they are the result of a continuing risk management programme. MGP Portfolios are rock solid owing to our excellent risk management expertise in the following key areas:

Insurance Audit

We look for any gaps in cover, errors in documents and make cost comparisons.


Crisis Management

What to do and how to conduct public relations when your business is adversely exposed


Broker & Insurer Assessment

A totally independent and objective analysis of your insurance policies.


Fire Risk Assessments

To meet your ongoing legal requirements on material flamability qualities
Evacuation procedures are also a part of that process.


Business Continuity

Something that will rarely work in isolation, but part of a seamless link with robust risk management and a tailored insurance portfolio.


Health and Safety

Highlighting areas where a developed H&S initiative can reduce risk exposure and increase employee awareness to hazard.


Engineering Consultancy

The Engineering Consultancy Services ECS provide individual inspection solutions for all your statutory / voluntary needs


Engineering Inspection

All types of business use the Engineering Inspection Services EIS to help ensure plant, equipment & installations comply with current health and safety legislation


Fire Risk Assessments

Who is actually responsible for fire safety in your business?


Health & Safety

Good health and safety standards help you to run your business successfully. Meeting the requirements of relevant regulation is a central factor in achieving this


Risk Management

Insurance Portfolios are less meaningful unless they are the result of a continuing risk management programme



Electrical Engineers are specialists in the use of thermographic cameras and, most importantly, are experts in how to interpret the data

MGP Also Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
  • Ancillary General Business Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessments