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Electrical Engineers are specialists in the use of thermographic cameras and, most importantly, are experts in how to interpret the data and images they produce. Thermography adds an extra dimension to the visual inspection of electrical distribution systems. The thermographic camera assists in determining whether an electrical circuit is healthy, deteriorating or at a dangerous level.

The camera is used to detect unseen ‘hotspots’ that might lead to electrical failures and have the potential to start a fire. Assessments can be carried out on a building’s electrical distribution, specific plant or parts of the installation. Once the inspection is completed, a detailed report on our findings will be sent to our client, with clear recommendations about what actions need to taken in order of priority.

Qualified Thermographers will carry out assessments all over the UK and across mainland Europe. The main thermographic service is to the electrical wiring system but, we can also use the technology for other applications, such as detecting unacceptable levels of heat in rotating machinery. Meaning our clients will always have access to a fast and efficient service for detecting problems with electrical plant and circuits before they spark a major incident.

We can provide our clients with a whole new level of support.

Thermographic Risk Assessments:

  • Whole buildings
  • Individual items of plant
  • Evaluation of repair work or new installations

Solar Photovoltaic/Wind Farms:

  • Thermographic cameras can also be used to analyse solar photovoltaic cells and electrical components of wind turbines.

Fully Audited Reports:

  • Analysis of all electrical components surveyed
  • Benchmarks for future inspections
  • Prioritised action lists
  • All thermographic images included

Risk Based Inspection Services:

  • Support with extending an electrical inspection regime
  • Support with specific client requirements

Engineering Consultancy

The Engineering Consultancy Services ECS provide individual inspection solutions for all your statutory / voluntary needs


Engineering Inspection

All types of business use the Engineering Inspection Services EIS to help ensure plant, equipment & installations comply with current health and safety legislation


Fire Risk Assessments

Who is actually responsible for fire safety in your business?


Health & Safety

Good health and safety standards help you to run your business successfully. Meeting the requirements of relevant regulation is a central factor in achieving this


Risk Management

Insurance Portfolios are less meaningful unless they are the result of a continuing risk management programme



Electrical Engineers are specialists in the use of thermographic cameras and, most importantly, are experts in how to interpret the data

MGP Also Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
  • Ancillary General Business Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessments