Terms Of Business Agreement

The MGP Group

TOBA stands for Terms Of Business Agreement and sets out how we The MGP Group commercially trade with our Clients.These are our own business terms and conditions and are of course in addition to terms and conditions contained within an insurance policy or indemnity arrangement.


The TOBA principally deals with:

  • Our Regulatory Controlled Functions
  • Your Rights
  • Our Rights
  • Insurers Rights
  • Our Terms of Payment

TOBA Request:

You are more than welcome to see a copy of our Standard TOBA which can vary subject to:

  • the type of services and/or products we provide
  • the capacity in which we act that is agent or intermediary

Please contact us with an email request here. Requesting a TOBA does not commit anyone to do business with us but it is binding once we proceed to act for a Client.