Unoccupied Property

The MGP Group

When a property is left unoccupied for any length of time, there is always a risk of damage. Intruders, fire, a burst water pipe or natural disasters like flooding can wreak havoc in a vacant building if an alarm isn’t raised immediately.

Unoccupied rates have doubled in recent years and the cost of claims are on the rise. Clients will be wondering how they can keep these premises safe and secure. That is where our Managed Vacant Portfolio Service can provide our clients with peace of mind helping you manage an empty property efficiently, providing expert risk management guidance to minimise potential claims and reputational damage.

Working with the VPS, the vacant property specialists, to provide a highly competitive range of property services, we will inspect properties and recommend how to improve security. With a SmartAlarm system fitted, our clients will be notified immediately an intruder, smoke or flooding is detected. Regular vacant property inspections and short notice Emergency Response teams can provide an additional layer of protection and security.

The Managed Vacant Portfolio Services are available all over the world, helping our clients maintain the value of their property and meet the conditions of their insurance.


MGP Also Provide:

  • Risk Management
  • Claims Assistance and Settlements
  • Ancillary General Business Insurance
  • Fire Risk Assessments